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The ideal Offshore Centre

Cyprus governmental structure is modeled on Western Democratic systems. As from 1st May 2004, Cyprus is an official full member of the European Union.

One of the Government’s primary objectives is to attract foreign investors. To achieve this, it offers incentives to non-residents, encouraging them to establish legal entities for the purpose of managing their overseas affairs, or offering their services from a base in Cyprus. There are currently over 60,000 offshore business entities registered in Cyprus.

Incentives for Registration

The business environment and supporting facilities combined with the island’s privileged position, the tax incentives, the low operating costs of offshore companies as well as the high standard of professional services, and telecommunications, contributed to the development of the island as one of the world’s primary business and financial offshore centers.

Main services provided to our international clients:

  • Registration of International Business Companies
  • Registered office and administrative services
  • Provision of nominee shareholders
  • Director services
  • Secretarial services
  • Obtainment of residence and employment permissions
  • Opening of bank accounts and provision of related services
  • Feasibility studies
  • Assistance and advice to their daily operations
  • Offshore entities now number more than 60.000 out of them 1200 own and operate their officer in Cyprus

Some of the main Tax Incentives in Cyprus are:

  • International Business Companies are taxed at the low rate of 0 to 10 % maximum.
  • Cyprus had concluded an impressive number of double tax treaties (there are currently 26)
  • International business branches managed and controlled abroad are completely tax exempt.
  • International business partnerships are completely tax exempt.
  • No withholdings tax is payable on dividends interest and royalty payments.
  • Annual capital allowances and all expenses incurred for the earning of income are allowed as deduction for tax purposes.
  • The salaries of foreign employees employed outside Cyprus are tax exempt if remitted through Cyprus.
  • Shares in International business companies inherited in Cyprus are exempt from estate duty.
  • Income derived by way of interest on foreign capital imported into Cyprus and deposited with banks operating in Cyprus, is fully tax free.
  • Full capital gains tax exemption is given on capital gains, except on sale of immovable estate situated in Cyprus.
  • Full exception from local social insurance schemes in respect of their foreign employees.
  • No V.A.T
  • Well developed infrastructure with excellent telecommunication and banking facilities.
  • The professional and management services offered in Cyprus are of very high standards.
  • Foreign employees and their family members can secure work and residence permits very easily.
  • Cars, office and household equipment are except from import duty.
  • Excellent climatic and living conditions.


International Business Companies must have a registered office in Cyprus. There are usually structured with nominee directors, secretary and shareholders whose details are place on public file.  This type of structure guarantees total confidentially on Company records.

The beneficiary’s details remain confidential and are not placed on public file.  It is through these confidentiality requirements that companies enjoy a greater international reputation among business persons, than companies in other offshore destinations.

Trading & Investment Consultancy

Over the years we have succeeded to assist a great deal number of foreign entrepreneurs to establish their business offices in Cyprus. With our continuous support these customers of ours have been able to expand their business activities beyond Cyprus in many other countries in Europe. We, at Ten-cc Management, are taking pride to see our clienteles, added value increasing all these years.

Our clienteles is to continue to aim high in supporting the business activities of our clients.  As the same time we would like to convey the message that our efforts to introduce additional business opportunities will be accelerated for the benefit of our clients

Trading & Investment Consultancy


  • Low corporation tax.
  • Net Profits are taxed at the rate of only 10%
  • Low income tax
  • A 10 year tax holiday on profits resulting from the projects operation. (For investments in ancillary tourist projects.
  • Partial subsidization of the cost of the preparation of the relevant pre-feasibiity studies.
  • Double tax treaties with 26 countries including the U.S.A

Other advantages:

  • Excellent Communications
  • Advanced Banking network
  • Very good geographical position. (Cyprus lies at the meeting point of Europe-Africa-Asia
  • Cyprus government maintains very good relations with the Arab World and the countries of the East Europe.
  • The accession of Cyprus to the European Union.

Foreign Direct Investment Policy

There are NO RESTRICTIONS if investors are citizens of EU member states. For investors coming from other countries the Government relaxed the rules and regulations applicable to inward investments. In the majority of cases administrative procedures have been simplified and foreign participation of up to 100 percent is allowed.

1. Primary Sector

Up to 49% foreign participation is allowed for activities relating to agriculture, animal husbandry, fishing, forestry etc

2. Secondary Sector

Foreign participation of up to 100% is permitted for bonded factories or industrial units in the Industrial Free Zone.

3. Tertiary Sector

Foreign participation of up to 100% in permitted for services included in Appendix 1 & Appendix 2 Exceptions to the general tertiary sector policy are the restaurants, the hotels,
and hotel apartments.

4. Restricted Activities

Applications for the following activities are rejected outright by the Central Bank.

  • Real estate development
  • Tertiary education
  • Offices for servicing of foreign airlines at the airports. However airline companies of foreign companies are except if they can offer such services to their own aircraft.
  • The provision of public utility services cover by specific legislation such as electricity, postal services, and agricultural insurance, television and radio stations.

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