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Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients and achieve the optimum business solution. We identify, design, and implement solutions regardless of the size and nature of our clients.

Who We Are

Dixano Services Ltd

Dixano Services Ltd is company based in Cyprus with more than 30 years experience in the international market, concentrating in business solutions and consulting services. Lawyers and auditors from various countries are partners of our group. Associated experts from a variety of others fields can join into our core team and work for your project. We are a member of various business organizations.

We provide a variety of services, which include the incorporation and management of offshore companies, accountancy & audit, banking, and general business consulting. In addition, we provide trading and investment consulting, management of shipping resources.

Makis Kypridimos has more than 30 years of experience in the International Markets.

He worked as an external consultant with the Alpha Bank, Cyprus for seven years assisting the banks International Business Unit Department expands to the Russian market.

Efthymios is a member of the Cyprus – Russian Business Association and the Cyprus Federation of Employers and Manufacturers.


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Greek | English | Russian | Arabic | Bulgarian

About Us

Company Profile

Our firm is a provider of advisory services to business within Cyprus and Internationally. Quality, personal service and continuing support 7 days a week, 365 days a year is our ultimate and ongoing commitment. We place highest priority on working closely with our clients, helping them to define future needs and opportunities. We believe that satisfying the client is simply the minimum requirement for staying in business. Our philosophy is to deliver distinctive services to our clients by giving them value, whether measured by price, performance, quality or service.

Our excellent knowledge and long run experience of the Eastern European countries, especially the Russian Federation, can advice and assist Western Corporations to expand to these countries. Apart from the Russian Federation, we have successfully established associates in Greece, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, the Lebanon etc.

Our Clients

Our clientele is made up of businesses who open and operate their offices in Cyprus or open factories in the Cyprus free industrial zone, who wish to develop special projects, i.e the Bowling & Amusement Centre in Larnaca, or who wish to diversify their business to European Countries or in the Russian market.


To our clients we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and trustworthy relationship.


At Dixano Services Ltd we have the knowledge, the experience, the contacts and the right approach to serve all your needs.

Dixano Services Ltd Offers a variety of services including : Incorporation and Management of offshore companies, Trading & Investment Consultancy, Banking and General Business Consulting, Acquisition on property, Ship Management, Accountancy Audit and Event Management.

Incorporation & Management of Offshore Companies

Trading & Investment Consultancy

Banking &
General Business Consulting


Ship Management


Event Management

Serving all your Offshore Needs

To our clients we guarantee the highest level of confidentiality and trustworthy relationship.